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August 19, 2019

It’s been more than a week since we got back from the holiday at the French Riviera. For the record, I would rather stay there for…forever.  As I mentioned here, not once, that part of the world had enchanted me, long time ago, by its grandeur, glam, romantic nooks and true beauty, in every aspect of the local life. Continue Reading…



July 23, 2019

This is exactly one of those posts that, in my opinion, don’t need much words. Photos talk for themselves. So, I hope you can feel the wildness, fearlessness, strength, freedom, fierce spirit and energy I wanted to convey to you in this photo collection. Continue Reading…

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Meet My Virtual Teachers

May 13, 2019

I’m writing this on a rainy Sunday afternoon. Secretly, I’m almost glad for not such good weather. I need that extra time for what I call, indoor adventures. The only thing these adventures require, is the internet connection and let’s say, the will. Continue Reading…



March 8, 2019

When Martin showed me, on the screen, an apartment in romantic villa on the hill, in Slovenian Lucija, I had no doubts. White painted house saddled into exotic garden with the swing overlooking the sea. This is it, the place to spend our last holiday of the year. The fact that pets were allowed there, was also the sign that our ‘family’ would be warmly welcomed. By the family you should imagine me, Martin and our cat Bety. Continue Reading…


Be a Rebel

January 21, 2019

My dear readers, I hope you are going to have an amazing 2019. The best I can wish you, besides health, is this wish – be a rebel. Lit that fire in you and let it blow wildly! Set your own game rules, whatever the game is. The rebellion starts with small things. But as we all know, the small things are what can create a huge one, eventually. So, here are my suggestions. Few things that helped me to understand, that I’m only as free as I allow myself to be. Continue Reading…



November 8, 2018

Maybe you’ve met her once. ZOE. The woman, who seems to be too progressive to live in the current century, yet she does. She is significantly feminine in the most unexpected way. Zoe is thinking few steps ahead, but you would never guess so, because she looks like she is always present for the moment. Zoe has piercing eyes and works effectively, not only to fulfill her personal goals, she takes her responsibility towards the society seriously, too. Even though, she rarely speaks about it. It’s simply because words are too useless for her, in those terms. She has already found solution. Continue Reading…