Mr. Trustworthy

15. March 2017

Is there anybody, who has never wished to have a loyal, smart, respectful and foreseeing helper? You know, a Mayordomo of your house or a personal driver, whose responsibilities and abilities extend far beyond driving you from A to B. Maybe someone like Doug Stamper from House of Cards, before he became a bit too awkward. Continue Reading…

Style, Travel

My Holiday Alter Ego

28. February 2017

What can be a better opportunity to discover new corners of our own personality, than holiday? New places, new climate and people almost require us to add a bit of freshness to the our old ourselves. Continue Reading…


Use Your Imagination

25. January 2017

Hot air with a strong wind, oriental palace situated in the middle of the desert, late afternoon and sun rays dazzling the dunes. I feel the lightness of my dress and soft pillows under my body while I sip fragrant mint tea.Β I’m little sleepy, but don’t want to miss the moment before the sun goes down. Desert looks astonishing at this hour. Continue Reading…


This Keeps Me Inspired Part I.

24. December 2016

Staying inspired is essential not only for a blogger, but for every one feeling the need to constantly develop themselves. There are days, when it’s easy to come up with new ideas, but there are some, when motivation to create something is deeply below the zero point. That is not a good feeling at all. I never feel that, when traveling to new places. There is no better source of inspiration than that. Between the journeys, it’s important for me to stimulate my imagination as much as possible. Continue Reading…


Don’t Travel Like a Local, Become a Local in Barcelona

23. November 2016
One of my favorite activities when I travel, is observing locals and their way of life. Especially big vibrant cities are like the stage with countless movies going on at the same time. The introverted part of me enjoys being surrounded by people without interacting with them much. From time to time I prefer to stay in the anonymity big cities promise us, and get inspired only by watching others from the distance.

Continue Reading…


Season of Unpredictable

2. November 2016

Welcome to the season that I call unpredictable. Even though it might seem so, I don’t use the word in the title to describe myself. Not even that wouldn’t fit…Β I’m talking about the weather of course. If you live in the part of the world, where I do, you know, what I mean. I say this season is worse than very unstable and moody woman. Continue Reading…