Côte d’Azur Part II

October 31, 2019

If you expect seasonal content, you are not at the right place. The last thing I want to think about is the end of the year, coming too fast. Let’s take a break from that and recall some favorite summer memories instead.

It’s an early evening when we pack our sun cream, towels, magazines and books after few hours spent on the beach. Our skin and wet hair are still a bit salty. The sand sloughs from us, our bags, shoes and clothes. We feel a bit slack after long swimming in the sea and hours spent on the sun, even though hidden in the shadow of the white-blue umbrella.  

While some people are only leaving the beach, just like us, others are already dressed up, sitting in one of the fancy restaurants, having appetizer. Passing by shop windows of the luxury boutiques, walking pretty streets filled with people, we are slowly approaching our appartement.


It only takes a shower, clothes change, a bit of makeup magic and a glass of wine, to become the glamour version of ourselves, ready to head to the streets. This transition from a lazy day on the beach to the sparkling evening in a restaurant is the first and favourite sensation that comes to my mind, when I recall holiday feeling.

Before the dinner, we decided to climb the hill with a church overlooking Le Suquet – the Cannes’ old town with the harbour. I make it with little difficulties, in my heels, but soon forget my sacrifice when looking at the warmly coloured view just before the twilight. 


Antibes wal


And now, let’s find a restaurant rather quickly. It suddenly got to my mind I didn’t eat anything through most of the day, but a couscous salad and some fruit. A restaurant by the sea attracts us with its ambience, charming little son of the main waiter behaving extremely important, and presence of many good looking locals, enjoying meals with their families or partners.

Ambient music mixes with crushing sea waves, sea food tastes divine and so does the wine. Colorful lights in the distance create the illusion of the whole world being a warm and cozy place. For the few moments, life seems perfect.


Creative direction and photos: DANIELA RIFAI  Assistance: MARTIN JESNY

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    I would love to take some vacations there! Beautiful photos babe ♥


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