Fashion Week


April 4, 2015

“Dresses are always the same,” said one of my companions, a fashion sceptic, at London Fashion Weekend, who accidentally appeared there. I tried to oppose him. Of course, trends are coming back again and again but me, as one of the fashion enthusiasts, feel really excited before seeing the catwalk. I wonder WHICH trend will come back THIS season and in what brand new combinations.

I try to forecast the coming trend for myself before the fashion weeks all around the world start, and have senseless feeling of satisfaction when my guess matches reality. Senseless, till it’s not one of my favorite fashion trends, rising up from (almost) an oblivion.

And exactly the type of joy I felt once I saw Fairy Tale Ending of the Trend Show spring/summer 2015 at Somerest House. Since that I was reassured, one of my greatest hopes for the next season was filled. My princess style cape was there, very similar to one I started to imagine few months ago.

And there is always one another passion attracting me to such kind of events. There is no better occasion to observe international handsome mixture of people, caring about their outfits, as well as some nicely bizarre ones. So here you can see some of my catches I was able to capture.














Photos by Daniela Rifai and Martin Jesny

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