Mr. and Mrs. Traviata

April 11, 2015

If you are like me and love high elegant fashion, you might know what it is to desperately search for every occasion to wear an extraordinary dress. And maybe similar to me again, sometimes regret not to be born earlier in previous century, at cote d’Azure or in Paris and not living in the era of always elegant ladies and gentlemen.

I can totally imagine spending my youth and adult life by wearing all those impractical magnificent dresses already exempted and free of convention typical for thirties. No need to be practical as women had their maids to took care of chores. (heavy sigh) I would be a proud owner of the collection of night backless dresses made of satin, crepe-de-chines, silks, crepes and chiffons. But I could definitely find my favorites also in sixties. Many favorites. The only thing that can throw me from depression while thinking about this all is that at least I missed the World War II as well… Especially when I see the clothes my grandma sewed with incredible creativity half century ago, is still flawless compered to clothes I bought last season, though not cheap. But enough of a lament.




La Traviata

Last time when I was searching for an occasion to wear something really elegant even in our pragmatic present times, I bought two tickets for La Traviata to Wiener Staatsoper , as a gift to my man (first reason of course was that he likes opera very much. Really).

The truth is that fashion is becoming more and more informal and sadly, sometimes not in the best way. And it’s also the case of opera. Fortunately, the quality of the performance is not affected and remains still high. So thanks to that and also to the beautiful opera building, I don’t mind to be overdressed. Great art and beautiful architecture deserve to be shown some respect. Doesn’t it?

And La Traviata is even more touching than I expected. Strong story accompanied by brilliant singing made me surprisingly cry despite I consider myself as a cynic.Yes, just like it made Julia Roberts when Richard Gere took her to the same opera in that fairytale story for adults. I realized it just after our visit of opera that they were also seeing La Traviata in Pretty woman (how pathetic). Do you remember the beautiful red robe which Julia was wearing? Movies also need extraordinary dresses, same like daydreamers . Dreams are never pragmatical regardless of their appearance on screen or not.

But on the other side I still can create purely my own piece of era, maybe easier than ever. In the end all my heroines did so no matter when they were born. And no matter if they were created by writer like Violetta Traviata or real like Coco Chanel.



Traviata2Photos by Martin Jesny and Daniela Rifai

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