March 8, 2019

When Martin showed me, on the screen, an apartment in romantic villa on the hill, in Slovenian Lucija, I had no doubts. White painted house saddled into exotic garden with the swing overlooking the sea. This is it, the place to spend our last holiday of the year. The fact that pets were allowed there, was also the sign that our ‘family’ would be warmly welcomed. By the family you should imagine me, Martin and our cat Bety. Continue Reading…


Be a Rebel

January 21, 2019

My dear readers, I hope you are going to have an amazing 2019. The best I can wish you, besides health, is this wish – be a rebel. Lit that fire in you and let it blow wildly! Set your own game rules, whatever the game is. The rebellion starts with small things. But as we all know, the small things are what can create a huge one, eventually. So, here are my suggestions. Few things that helped me to understand, that I’m only as free as I allow myself to be. Continue Reading…


Don’t Rest Unless You Sing Your Own Song, Says Astrologer Ali Noura

December 7, 2018

Are you one of those people who think astrology is mostly about predictions? Well, that’s quite far from what astrology is meant to be. Successful astrologer Ali Noura based in Beirut, gives consultaitons to his clients from around the world using astrology as a tool for self-knowledge.

I myself, have always been passionate about all the things connected to self-knowledge, intuition or finding the life purpose, whether it’s through psychology or anything else. I’m not the type of person who asks anyone for advice. When making important decisions, I decide for myself. But I must admit, my conversations with Ali are always extremely inspiring and bring me more understanding into my situation. So I’m pretty sure, if you would love to develop in these areas too, Ali’s knowledge would be valuable. Continue Reading…



November 8, 2018

Maybe you’ve met her once. ZOE. The woman, who seems to be too progressive to live in the current century, yet she does. She is significantly feminine in the most unexpected way. Zoe is thinking few steps ahead, but you would never guess so, because she looks like she is always present for the moment. Zoe has piercing eyes and works effectively, not only to fulfill her personal goals, she takes her responsibility towards the society seriously, too. Even though, she rarely speaks about it. It’s simply because words are too useless for her, in those terms. She has already found solution. Continue Reading…


Different Kind of Satisfaction

October 4, 2018

“There’s a great lie we tell kids, that pleasure creates happiness. Young people think: “Oh, if I get this, I’ll be happy.” But in a lot of ways, it’s meeting your responsibilities that makes you happy,” the actor Ethan Hawke said, in an interview for The Talks I read long time ago. But only recently I fully understood, how much truth lies in that statement. Continue Reading…



August 23, 2018

There is no other color with so many connotations, as is red. Some studies suggest people are perceived as more attractive to the others in this color and command the attention. I personally love red, but not always I’m ready to wear it. When I do, it’s not because I hope to get noticed. It’s when I’m not afraid to get noticed. Continue Reading…

Lifestyle, Style

List of Frivolous Joy

July 30, 2018

It’s been quite some time since my previous post here. But that’s what happens, when I get into the carousel of work, shootings, business trips and short holiday travels, in between. It’s no wonder having own business make you busy and even though it’s mostly good kind of being busy, I’m glad I finally found some time to sit down, pour into my thoughts, write a new blog post and share with you these fresh “summer in the city” outfit photos. Continue Reading…