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Kidnaped Between Past and Future

27. May 2016

It was THAT kind of day. I still have goose bumps when reminding it. After more than three weeks in Barcelona I started to feel quite familiar with the city. But THAT day I decided to go outside the historical area I had been exploring during the earlier weeks. And so I found myself in a concrete jungle, so much different from the streets I had known before. With some hesitations I walked to the modern building of Museu del Disseny de Barcelona. I felt like a unique experience was waiting for me. Continue Reading…


Meet, Eat, Drink in Barcelona

18. May 2016

When a waiter in the coffee place can predict, what I’m going to order, I start feeling like at home, even in a new place. And I know that in a certain time of the day, I will surely meet that older man, coming to have a coffee and read the newspapers, every day at the same table. His face slowly changes when he notices me. Before he was watching me a little suspicious, but a little later, he starts friendly wink whenever he sees me. (*true story) Continue Reading…



10. May 2016

When a friend gives you a gift, it often reflects his or her perception of your personality. (OK, sometimes also lack of their time to think about it, for a while) This way you realize, what your friends suppose you could appreciate or need. Sometimes such a reflection can be quite surprising, while other times very pleasing, or even undesirable. Continue Reading…


My Biggest Fear Is Speed of the Fashion World, Aitor Muñoz Says

29. April 2016

The only thing that could delight woman more than being dressed by a great designer, is to be dressed by the two designers at the same time. This may be a part of the secret success formula of the designer power duo – twins Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz of Ailanto, based in Barcelona. Their long and exciting career, as well as the customer’s portfolio, including princess Letizia, proves they know how to please the high class women. At the Smell of Jasmine interview, Aitor shared what inspires them both, as well as their concerns in the present fashion world. Continue Reading…

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Majestic on Montjuïc

19. April 2016

I discovered Montjuïc at my random walk, only ten minutes far from home and was amazed by the majesty of the place and the incredible view, as well. Montjuïc remains the highest point of the city because the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí believed, that no man-made object should be constructed higher than the work of God – the hill. Therefore, La Sagrada Família, when completed, will have its tower peak at 170 meters. This was intended to be one meter less than the Montjuïc hill. Continue Reading…


Boqueria Market

8. April 2016

Are you that type of person, who prefers tourism with the delicious food or at least coffee at the end of the journey? Then come to me, I’ll give you a hug! Then, I suppose, you also aim to the local markets as one of the first things you do in a new city. It’s a sightseeing with eating as the main purpose. That, at certain point, can almost beat Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. But please, don’t tell anyone I said that.  Continue Reading…


The Art of Nicety

23. March 2016

What makes a great outfit? For me, as a style blogger, it’s one of those things I pay quite a lot of attention to. While I was thinking about it, I came to the conclusion, that the right way of choosing pieces to make the look much better, can be applied on many other aspects of our lives, as well.  Continue Reading…