September 9, 2020

Let me give you a few recommendations before you start to scroll down my page and take a look at my Rovinj photo story.  Please, please, consider putting on the sound of the ocean and grab a glass of wine first. Then, sitting at your favorite cozy sofa, you are set to get the most of this little virtual adventure. 

When you look at every photo, let it take you beyond what you see. Imagine yourself sitting in an elegant restaurant, having a view on the port, with ambient jazz, playing in the background. You order something while waiting for the rain to stop. And when the drops finally almost stop falling, you go for a walk. 



You feel the breeze on your refreshed skin, playing with your hair. A silk dress gently caressing your body. The heady air, after hours of rain. You breathe deeper as you smell the scents of the ocean, flowers and lush greenery, mixed with an odor of the vibrant town. The sun eventually comes out, just for a while, to show off for the scenic sunset. It’s tempting to take off the shoes and feel the wet stone, under your feet. Just a bit of cooling after all the hot days. 



The eyes wander for sensations like hovering gulls, boats in the port, or at the sea, constantly changing its colour from light to dark blue, turquoise, golden, steel and pink shades. All in less than an hour. Waves are fiercely crushing on the stones, creating white foam and the most soothing sound. 

You feel grateful for your ability to pay attention and appreciate the beauty. The world can be in a storm, but your mind and imagination are always able to give you whatever you want and make you whoever you know you are. 

Creative direction and photos: DANIELA RIFAI  Assistance: MARTIN JESNY

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