Côte d’Azur Part I

September 30, 2019
Jardin Exotique d’Èze 3

Every part and every town or a village at Côte d’Azur has such different vibes, architecture and the general character. Just because we visit two, three or even more of them, it doesn’t mean we have any idea about how the rest looks and feels like.

Yet, don’t make a mistake, don’t try to discover all the highlights you find in travel guides, at your first visit. Even if it was physically possible, you would end up overwhelmed by too many sensations, seen at the same time. Choose the places that, as you feel, are going to be in sync with your current mood. Do good research but then, let your intuition navigate you.

Èze streets Côte d'AzurJardin Exotique d’Èze 2Èze stone streets Côte d'AzurÈze street



Make sure to take your time strolling those narrow streets, paved with flagstones, notice every flower pot and bronze knockers at the doors. Smell the flowers and try to remember, when it was the last time you have seen so many of them at only few meters. 

Don’t overlook the people, passing by the café you are sitting in. Give a long look to the unexpected sea view that shows up between houses. Study menu in the street restaurant with an endless offer of pancakes you have never heard of, and try some. Every detail is worth your attention. 

While I believe it can be true everywhere, in Southern France, the beauty in the details is particularly significant. I observed that especially in Antibes and Èze. 

This collection of  photos can hopefully teleport you to this stunning part of the world, wherever you are at this late September day, for at least a few sweet moments.


Èze evening walk sunset



Creative direction and photos: DANIELA RIFAI  Assistance: MARTIN JESNY

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    Your photos are amazing! Can’t wait to visit Cote d’azur so badly ♥


    • Reply Daniela October 15, 2019 at 2:24 pm

      Thanks so much! Have a great day!


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