Don’t Rest Unless You Sing Your Own Song, Says Astrologer Ali Noura

December 7, 2018

Are you one of those people who think astrology is mostly about predictions? Well, that’s quite far from what astrology is meant to be. Successful astrologer Ali Noura based in Beirut, gives consultaitons to his clients from around the world using astrology as a tool for self-knowledge.

I myself, have always been passionate about all the things connected to self-knowledge, intuition or finding the life purpose, whether it’s through psychology or anything else. I’m not the type of person who asks anyone for advice. When making important decisions, I decide for myself. But I must admit, my conversations with Ali are always extremely inspiring and bring me more understanding into my situation. So I’m pretty sure, if you would love to develop in these areas too, Ali’s knowledge would be valuable.

In our interview Ali explains:

  • What the astrology is meant to be for and how it can help us to fulfill our own potential.
  • How to develop our intuition and find our life purpose.
  • Importance of the self-knowledge.
  • Fate vs. freewill.
  • What the lifestyle of an astrologer looks like.
  • Many more, including the right timing for cutting your hair. 🙂

Most of the people connect astrology with forecasting and prediction. You see it rather like a tool for a self-knowledge. In what kind of life situations astrology can help people?

To most people astrology is only a predictive science, because most people are only familiar with “Sun Sign Astrology”, which is a form of astrology based on the person’s Sun Sign. This system was developed only in 1930 and the goal of creating this system was to make astrology available to the masses, through the written horoscope in magazines columns. Before that, the practice of astrology was only confined to the elite.
Although predictive work is possible through astrology, I like to use it as it is meant to be used, a tool to understand oneself and one’s life on a deeper level, a tool to understand one’s potential and plan events in a harmony with the cosmic energies. In my mind, astrology should not take away one’s free will, rather it should enhance it, emphasize it, and help the individual grow into their ultimate potential.

Does it often happen to you, that people ask you to predict certain events in their lives? What do you do in such situations?

It happens all the time, it really depends on the person I am reading the chart for. Sometimes I just go ahead and make the prediction, in some situations I refrain from making any predictions and try to guide the client in what I see could be a solution to their problem. I am a big believer in the free will, and this is what I try to convey to my clients, that instead of waiting for what is going to happen why not engage in creating their own destiny? So, it really depends on the situation, the type of the question and the level awareness of the questioner them self.

My understanding of your work is, that you help people to listen to their intuition. Is that correct?

Not exactly, though intuition is a very important tool, however to most people it is not a developed one. I work as a catalyst. I try to channel the message of the stars to the client, to help them having a deeper understanding of who they are and what they are going through. Astrology is all about symbolism. My work as an astrologer is to interpret those symbols and provide relevant information to the client.

Sometimes it seems like people are more likely to listen to the opinions of those around, about their own lives, than their own inner voice. What would you advice to the people, who want to develop their intuition? What anyone can do to improve in that?

We all have the “potential” to access our intuition, however most of us just don’t pay any attention to their subjectivity, to their interiority, hence their inner tools remain undeveloped. I really cannot emphasize the importance of intuition enough, it is that still small voice that comes from within, it comes directly from the source of all that is.

I always say meditation is the key, because meditation is the art of exploring the inner world, and tapping into the hidden potential that lays there unused. Meditation is simply the method to experience life beyond the five senses, there is a totally different world inside, and intuition one of treasures we stumble upon the more we turn our attention within, then guidance will be coming from within.

I feel like a very important task in one’s life is to find the way, how to use their own potential in the best possible way. What should we do, to succeed?

To put it simply “Self-knowledge”, the search begins there, the more we turn our attention to what is going on within, the better understanding we have of who we are, of our potentials and weaknesses. I believe we are being guided continuously, yet we are busy looking in the wrong direction, a simple turn inwards and the magic begins to happen. It is a long journey, but it is important just to start.

I assume, the most common areas people want to consult with you are the career, love, health and finance. Having many clients, what you see as the main struggle of the people? Where those struggles come from?

People seek astrological guidance for many different reasons, to one person it is as simple as “when am I going to have my next relationship” , to another person it is like “ why am I stuck here and unable to move forward with my life”, to another it is“ I cannot seem to find my purpose” and so on. The thing is, we all need guidance at some point in time. It comes from our inability to see things clearly. Certainty is not possible in life, we only can relax when we are okay with this fact, that nothing is ever certain, however we seek guidance to essentially make the best possible with whatever we know, that is how I see it.

You say you are not a fatalistic astrologer, you don’t believe in fate. Can we affect and transform our lives completely with our free will and ability to work for what we want?

Let us consider these two terms, destiny and fate. Destiny is a promise of the individual, the potential, the fixed enclosure. Fate is what one does inside the enclosure. In other words, how one utilizes that potential. For example, if someone’s destiny is to rule a country, they will rule a country, that is their destiny, whether they do a good job or a bad job as a ruler depends on their free will, that is their fate. There is always something we can do to improve a given situation.

What if someone struggles finding a passion in their life, or in other words, finding the purpose of life? I’ve heard you saying, that life purpose is what you make it. How did you find yours? What’s your advice for those who feel they haven’t discovered the passion, meaning, their life purpose yet?

We all come into this world with a huge potential. Whether we realize it or not, is another question. Not realizing that potential doesn’t mean the potential is not there, it only means one is self ignorant. This is why I keep emphasizing meditation. To me, meditation means a journey of self discovery, on that journey one comes to realize the gifts they came into this world with, the potential they carry within.

Astrology can be a very helpful tool in this regard. As an astrologer I can show the inherent potential in the chart, I can show where treasures can be found, but unless the person takes the journey to find it they will not attain it. Sometimes the person is so distracted that they are not even looking for meaning or purpose, sometimes the person is so weak-willed that they won’t do much about their lives. It varies from one person to another depending on many elements. My advice is really simple – do not rest unless you sing your own song.

What made you believe that astrology is your path?

I have a passion for astrology, I cannot think of anything else that I can spend days talking about nonstop. Besides, my birth chart clearly indicates that!

What is your favorite form of meditation? Do you also use other techniques helping you to live more balanced and fulfilling life?

Absolutely, I am a big fan of breath regulating techniques, different methods work differently for each one, for me breathing connects me to myself like nothing else does, as an astrologer I need a clear mind, and a good degree of intuition. Meditation keeps things running smoothly.

When you look at the birth charts of two people, can you say if their relationship would last or not? Does it work this way?

Yes it mostly does, sometimes it is just so clear that these two are not meant to stay together, their karmas just don’t intersect in any way. And sometimes, the opposite happens, but rarely, not because people are rarely compatible, but because those who are won’t usually consult an astrologer.

Can astrology help someone to find the love of their life?

Astrology can provide understanding oneself, the partner, and the energetic dynamics of the relationship. It can show the potential difficulties and points of strength in their relationship. In my mind, most issues a couple would face, can be worked out through their freewill, however sometimes the amount of sacrifices necessary to work it out is more than one or the two of the partners can handle. I always explain the dynamics provide guidance when necessary and leave it up to the client to choose for themselves, except in rare cases when I clearly state “you are not meant to be together”, but that rarely happens.

What about politics or sports, do you ever use your knowledge to predict the events in these areas? What is your experience with that?

There is a whole branch of astrology called “mundane astrology” that deals with politics and world events at large. I never paid attention to this branch of astrology nor spend a lot of time studying it. I like to focus on the individual.

I can imagine there are many people claiming they are astrologers without having any abilities for that, just like there are so many coaches, consultants etc. They can even do harm to people. How someone can make sure the astrologer they chose is a good one?

This is a tricky one indeed, because most people who consult astrologers are not familiar with astrology, this makes it hard for them to tell who is a good astrologer and who is not, to have that capacity a certain astrological understanding is a must. However, I will tell you how I would approach it, if I were to choose a good astrologer to read my chart, I´d read their articles or books, if they have some, I´d watch their videos, or I will talk to somebody who had an experience with that astrologer, this should make it easier. And I believe this applies to every other consultant, therapist, coach etc.

Most of your clients ask you for online consultation. Does it anyhow limit you, when you can’t meet the person face to face?

Personal consultations with clients are interesting because then I get to see the person’s facial expression and feel their energy and that is helpful, but I don’t see any limitations really, maybe because I have grown used to give readings by phone.

I know astrology is also used to determine what time is the best for cutting hair or taking a cosmetic care. So when we should plan this kind of treatments?

Different astrological parameters have to be considered for different type of events. The events vary from cutting one’s hair, planning a travel, a marriage, buying a property etc. There is a whole branch of astrology devoted to this, it is called the “Electional Astrology” where the astrologer chooses an auspicious time when the planetary energies are supportive of a specific event. Let us take the hair cut example, if somebody wants their hair to grow faster it is always better to have a hair cut on the 3rd or 8th day after each New Moon, because the Moon will then be in a lunar mansion that support hair growth. So ladies reading this keep it in mind, the 3rd and 8th day of the lunar month are excellent in this regard.

When it comes to business decisions, is there any best timing too?
Absolutely, as I mentioned earlier, each event can be astrologically planned to ensure best results.

How have you became an astrologer? Have you had been seeking the help and guidance for yourself at first? What were you doing for living before you became an astrologer?

I never had an intention to become an astrologer. I studied Computer Science at a college and started doing computer related work, mostly web design before my interest in Astrology began. I remember when I had my astrology chart read for the first time, the astrologer told me “I am looking at a chart of an astrologer” to which I chuckled in disbelief! All I knew about astrology back then was the “Sun signs” and I was actually a skeptic!

I always say Astrology comes to the astrologer, it came to me at a time when I needed guidance in my life. During that time, I met two remarkable astrologers that ignited my interest in Astrology, from then on, I started to read and research out of the sheer interest, a point came where I was doing nothing but astrology, so I decided to pursue it professionally.

What your daily routine as an astrologer looks like? Do you work 9 to 5 like it was a regular job?

I never loved routine in my entire life, though I give readings daily, I choose different times for that depending on other things I might have on a specific day, and depending on where my client lives in the world. Besides readings I keep plenty of time for my personal life every day, and a time to read more on astrology, one is never done with astrology.

Photos by Ali Noura

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