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The Life Test

December 5, 2017

We have a common hobby, with my man. We think about what we would do, if we were billionaires. I can only recommend you that game. It’s not only fun, but it also helps you to better understand, what you really want, deep inside, when you forget all the limitations, for a while. Continue Reading…


Back to Lebanon Part I – Byblos

November 12, 2017

Maybe you should never go to Lebanon. Don’t ever visit that country, unless you are adventurous, a bit daredevil, craving for explore something extraordinary. Lebanon is not for everybody. It’s intensive, diverse, chaotic, unorganized, unique, hiding damn beautiful treasures. If being outside your comfort zone scares you, you probably do not deserve discovering them. But if you are a real traveler, ready to forget your prejudices and go with the flow, then you are going to love that country and people and they will love you. Continue Reading…



October 10, 2017
Danubiana Gallery Café Transition SOJ 2
I haven’t really got back home yet, so please don’t try to reach me, or, gosh, have any request! It’s already been few days, since I took the Beirut-Vienna flight. However, my thoughts keep taking me back to the Lebanese scenery.

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I’m Not Nice, Thanks!

September 1, 2017

My close friends know it. If you want to see the disgust in my face, just tell me, “you are such a nice girl.” I don’t appreciate, what you probably mean as a compliment. Before this world did not move on from all the expectations towards those called “nice girl”, I would prefer to be seen as a nasty witch. Continue Reading…

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Get Lost in Rovinj

August 19, 2017

Life was pretty intensive last couple of weeks (or months?), but in a good way. Interesting projects and opportunities appeared and I feel both excited and little scared too, how things would go. Sometimes I can’t stop my mind from thinking about all the ideas and details even when I’m sleeping. My man is in quite a similar situation, so a week of holiday was pretty necessary for both of us.

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My Empowering Rituals

August 2, 2017

Routine is not for me. There are no things I would do every day, same time. I prefer to stay flexible and it’s also necessary, with respect to my work and activities. Nevertheless, I realize, I may not have any routine, but I do have rituals I repeat daily. These rituals became an important part of my well-being and it’s difficult for me to skip them. I’m curious if you can rely on them, too and would love to know, which rituals are important for you.

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Luxury of One-to-One

July 12, 2017

The most underestimated thing in the world, I think, is a one-on-one conversation. In friendship, family and love relation. The lack of the “real talks” can easily lead to the estrangement between friends or family members and can even terminate the relationship. Nevertheless, sometimes it seems people do everything to avoid meaningful discussion. Some studies say many couples in average talk to each other less than 30 minutes a day, outside the conversations connected to household or childcare, others claim it’s only 7 minutes daily. That sounds scary.  Continue Reading…